Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent?

Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent?

Yes we know. A year’s worth of rent is a lot of money.


But it’s almost Christmas. And we’ve been giving away a month’s free rent since we started our promotion earlier this year in the effort to raise awareness and get people excited about Rentigo. With so many online tools out there, we knew we wanted to do something different to stand out. Giving away free rent was also a meaningful way to show that we wanted Rentigo to have a real impact on our users.

Ever since we first started out, we’ve been working with one main question in mind: How can we make the lives of property managers easier? In today’s digital world, online technology has become the driving force behind getting things done more efficiently, across many industries. There’s no reason property managers can’t benefit from technology innovation allowing them to generate passive income and enjoy more free time.

Enter Rentigo. Our singular goal? To create a one-stop shop destination that helps property managers both digitize and grow their business. We’re constantly speaking to property managers to learn how we can make the daily process of managing routine tasks, coordinating communications and optimizing their property, easier. And one of the things we discovered is that true success comes down to tenants.

Not that that’s a big surprise. This holds true for any property manager who knows and appreciates the value of having amazing tenants. Who treat their property responsibly and with care. Who do their part to help make sure maintenance issues are resolved quickly. Who pay their rent on time.

At Rentigo, we know that tenants are everything, and that true success involves showing that we can address the needs of both sides of the equation to benefit both property managers and their tenants. Our value to property managers depends on helping tenants find the value in using the Rentigo app to avoid rental late fees by allowing them to pay their rent online at their convenience. It also requires earning their confidence and trust.

Our “free rent for a month” promotion was part of that outreach and communication effort. But in the process of reaching out to raise tenants’ awareness and enthusiasm about Rentigo, we gained the opportunity to get to know a bit more about them. There was Rosie, the grandmother in Florida who is planning on using the extra cash on herself and her nine grandkids. And John, the single father who is planning on using it to celebrate Christmas this holiday season with his five boys. Amidst several others…

For December we wanted to take an extra step and help our users wish even bigger. 2017 was a hard year for so many. Hurricanes and wildfires reminded us that keeping our homes and families safe is never something to take for granted. Amidst all of the terrible stories, those who stepped up to support those in need inspired us at Rentigo. This included the landlords and property management companies who helped their tenants with free rent and returned security deposits during difficult times.

So this December we’re fully embracing the Christmas spirit with an even bigger promotion for Rentigo users. Tenants that use Rentigo to pay their rent by Christmas Eve will automatically enter our special promotion to win a full refund on 12 months of rent.

This month we’re asking our users: What would you do with a whole year’s worth of free rent? We’ll know the lucky tenant who wins come January and can’t wait to share the good news!


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