At Rentigo we strive to simplify and digitize the rental process for property managers, landlords and tenants alike.

About Us

Founded in 2015 by a group of passionate real estate and payment processing professionals, Rentigo was conceived out of a simple desire to revolutionize the rental industry.  After recognizing that the world is changing at a rapid rate, but property management has stayed the same, we realized that we could make a difference in the lives of property managers, landlords and their tenants.

Today, Rentigo is a leading property management solution that is able to meet the needs of small and large property managers and landlords while simultaneously meeting the growing demands of modern day tenants with a simple and user-friendly solution.

By creating a simple solution to a complex problem, we were able to bridge the communication and technology gap to enhance the entire rental experience.

With an intuitive desktop and mobile consumer interface that enables secure rent collection, easy maintenance management and powerful access to a complete overview of the rental cycle at any point, Rentigo has established itself as the game-changing solutions provider for anyone in the property management market who wants to simplify and grow their business.

Meet the Management Team

The Rentigo board has numerous years of combined experience which they leverage to provide property managers,
landlords and tenants with an improved rental experience.

Sivan Blasenheim

Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Rentigo, Sivan has over 15 years experience in the Fintech and online world, formerly serving in leading international brands including international audit and consulting brand PWC, and at the leading Israeli payment processing company Visa Cal.

Maya HarNoy


Born and raised in the Silicon Valley,co founder and bank relations of Rentigo, Maya HarNoy, has a long history of leading digital revolutions in payment processing, including a long-term tenure at SafeCharge. Maya brings with her a passion for all things mobile and a fluffy pup named cliff.

Avi Avni


Avi is the guy everyone turns to when property managers dream up new requests. As the CTO and technological visionary of Rentigo, Avi ensures that complex payment processes and rental management issues are simplified and digitized so property managers can focus on connecting with their tenants.

Ehud Levy

Chairman Of the Board

The Chairman of the Board and true visionary, Ehud has a long history of successful digital ventures that inspired him to radically transform the property management world. Ehud previously served as CEO of both Spark Network and Marimedia.


Our philosophy is the core of everything we do; from the way we manage our operations to the way we interact with clients,we believe that our clients come first; everything else will follow.The foundation of Rentigo- which forms and guides us every day, is based on three simple beliefs that we hold above all else

We believe that property managers and landlords deserve a simple solution to oversee the complex tasks that come with managing any number of properties.

We believe that companies can do well by doing good. Our software is completely free to use for everyone and we only charge a fixed rate of as low as 1% percent of the processing fee.

We believe that our clients know what they want and we will push forward every day to help make their wishes a reality. That is why we are constantly updating our features and enhancing our offering based on what our clients tell us they want.

Whether examining new features, entering new markets or dreaming great things for the future, these core beliefs form the pillars that guide us in everything we do and provide the basis on which Rentigo was formed.