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Ways to Make Your Apartment Appear Larger

Living in a big city is a dream come true for many, but oftentimes the apartments in big cities can be very limited when it comes to space. Small spaces can start to get cluttered and if not handled properly can become crowded. But did you know that just by adding and changing a couple details here and there you can turn your small apartment into a larger one. Although, you can’t actually literally make the space larger you can trick the eye into perceiving more space. 

Here are a few tips to help your Apartment appear larger than it is: 


Add Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall… Mirrors can magically open up any small room by reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space. Place a mirror in a dim hallway or room to bounce back artificial light and brighten the area. Add a tall mirror to draw the eye upward, lifting your ceilings. 

Use light colors

The colors you choose to paint your walls can either make your room look smaller or bigger. Avoid dark color schemes since they absorb the light and make your apartment appear smaller Instead go for light colors, which reflect the light making the room look more spacious.  Try going for colors such as, off-white, light green or beige. These colors will not only make your apartment look bigger but also a lot more inviting. Try painting your wall trims a lighter color than the wall to make the walls seem like they are pushed further back also giving the illusion of a bigger space. 

Increase amount of light in the apartment 

A brighter room opens up the interior and makes it look larger. Windows not only allow natural light to be brought into the room but also create a connection with the outdoors giving the room a fresh and airy atmosphere.  Try buying sheer curtains for your windows to allow the natural light to shine through or ditch the curtains completely if you feel comfortable enough doing so. Consider buying lighting fixtures if your apartment does not get a lot of natural light. Lamps are great for decorating an apartment but also useful for adding light to the room. 

Stop the Cluttering 

Avoid clutter as it can take a lot of space in your apartment and make it feel cramped. Less is more when it comes to decorating your apartment. Try not to go overboard with the picture frames and plants. Instead of many plants in one single spot try placing one big plant for example, the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Maintaining your apartment organized and clean is key to having your apartment look spacious. Try putting items into boxes with labels and then put those boxes in a closet to not avoid having your place look crowded. 

Furniture is the main focus of a room 

Every room in your apartment should have a piece of furniture that defines that specific area. For example, the Bed in a bedroom, the Sofa in a living room and the kitchen table in a kitchen. So make those be the center of attention when walking into those rooms. Buy a large bed and place it in the center and keep the rest of the furniture at a minimum. If the bedroom is small having a queen size bed will make the room appear larger than a full would. In this case, instead of adding more furniture and to avoid clutter try getting shelves but again don’t go overboard with them. Remember less is more!



Written by: Yidiany Gonzalez

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