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Top Haunted Properties in New York

Halloween is approaching us again. The time for all the witches and ghouls to come out and play. Haunted Houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patch, and pumpkin spice latte are all the essentials for a great Halloween. A good scare is necessary too so this year try visiting some of the top haunted properties here in New York: 

Morris Jumel Mansion 

The Morris Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan. The house was build back in 1765 by Colonel Roger Morris and is located in Washington Heights. Morris and his wife both lived there up until 1810, when Eliza and her husband, Stephen Jumel, moved in. The house has been haunted since the 1960’s. One of the first reports of it being haunted was a group of children stating that they saw the ghost of Eliza telling them to keep it down. Others have reported seeing a Hessian Soldier emerging from the paintings on the walls. Fast Forward to today, you can still visit the mansion from Tuesday – Sunday and even book a private paranormal investigation. 

Van Cortlandt House 

 Located in the Bronx, this house was built in 1748 by Frederick Van Cortlandt. Unfortunately, he died before the house was even complete. The house  was used by George Washington, and Jean- Baptiste de Rochambeau during the Revolutionary War and then was sold to New York City in 1887. Since then, this house has now become a museum with a lot of paranormal activity going on. People have reported doors closing on their own, there have been sightings of dolls moving around, and people feeling touched out of nowhere. 

14 West 10th Street

This townhouse is located near Washington Square Park. Better known as, “The House of Death”  is the home to 22 ghosts. On 1987, Six year old Lisa Steinberg was beaten to death by her adoptive father in this house.  A murder suicide also took place here and the spirit of Mark Twain, a well known author, has been spotted on the first floor. Paranormal Investigators have visited and said they’ve seen a lady in white with a child and a cat roaming around the house. 

84 West 3rd Street

If you’re heading downtown or are near the NYU campus perhaps you’ll want to stop at this location. An old firehouse renovated into a townhouse and also the home to “Firefighter Schwartz” ghost. Firefighter Schwartz hung himself in 1930 after finding out his wife had cheated on him. Firefighters reported that after his death they would hear noises coming from the attic. Some even saw his hanging corpse at one point, talk about traumatizing. 

Amityville Haunted House 

The Amityville House located in the south shore of  Long Island is one of the most haunted places here. One of the most well-known crimes in American history took place here. Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot 6 members of his family inside the house on 1974. Then on December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz moved in along with their 3 children. While living there, doors were shutting and locking on their own, they heard demonic marching bands, felt the presence of someone, had Vivid nightmares of the DeFeo murders and the crucifix in their living room  randomly spun upside down many times. The family could not take anymore of the terrorizing so they left. Today, the house is on the market for $850,000 for anyone willing to buy it. 


Written by: Yidiany Gonzalez

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