Tips For Allowing Pets On Your Property

As a property manager, allowing pets on your property can be an effective way to increase occupancy. Not only can you attract a larger tenant pool by making your property pet-friendly, but you can also satisfy current tenants that want to own pets. However, it is important to preserve the quality of your property when making changes to accommodate pets. Follow these tips on how to make your property pet-friendly and create a happier environment for your tenants:

Pet Lease Agreement

The first step in allowing pets on your property is setting the ground rules. A pet lease agreement is a great way to let your tenants know what is and isn’t acceptable. For example, include an extra security deposit or supplemental rent within the lease agreement for pet owners.

Interior Materials

If you are furnishing the tenants apartment beforehand, consider investing in stain resistant furniture and darker colors to help conceal stains or scratches. Try to use tile or laminate wood floors as these are more durable than hardwood floors. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your units maintain their quality even if the tenants leave.

Designated Outdoor Space

Consider allocating a small enclosed space outside of the property for tenants and their pets to utilize. This way, pets will not be roaming around in unwanted areas and you can keep both pet and non-pet owners satisfied. If feasible, offer access to drinking water and materials for cleaning up after pets.


To guarantee that the pets in your apartment building are well behaved and clean, ask that your pet owning tenants provide proper documentation. You can ask for a letter of reference from a previous property manager, a training certificate, and a letter from a veterinarian. Make sure that the proper vaccines have been given before allowing pets on your property to keep all tenants happy.



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