The Importance of Building a Community Around your Tenants

Creating a cohesive living environment for your tenants can provide significant benefits. From reducing vacancy rates to increasing your property’s visibility with prospective renters, the payoff can be huge. And while fostering community inevitably requires time and effort, taking just a few key steps can make all the difference. These community-building activities are some of our favorite ways property managers can have the biggest impact:

Get Social

Using social media to create a connection with your tenants is a great place to start. Not only does this let your tenants interact with one another in one central location, it also gives you a chance to develop a more personal relationship with each tenant.

Your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles can also help tenants learn about available listings, community events, social gatherings or other activities which also fosters better connections. An active Twitter account can be adopted to post short announcements or link useful articles that your tenants may find beneficial. A quick way to notify tenants about building announcements or safety alerts may prove essential.

A strong social media presence will not only strengthen your bond with and among tenants but also help you promote your property to reach new, prospective tenants. Taking an active role within a building community reflects your credibility, care and concern.

As you branch out and apply social media to your property, keep in mind that it is important to update your profiles on a regular basis — inactive social media accounts are worse than not having them at all.

Plan Events

Hosting monthly or quarterly events creates another opportunity for tenants to meet and interact with fellow renters and property managers. Take advantage of your property’s unique features. Have a pool? Throw a themed pool party. Have a roof top area? Rent some grills and host a “grill night” potluck. Have a large lobby? Set up a morning coffee bar before work. Such organized events will promote community among your tenants while highlighting what makes your complex special.

Remember to leverage social media to send invites and post photos from these events. Showcasing your residents having fun will attract new clients to your doorstep!

Give Back

Find a local charity, preferably one in your neighborhood, and give back. Recruit current tenants and host a quarterly volunteer day to give back to your community. Become part of a larger community. Ask residents where they presently volunteer their time and let them help guide the way.

Working together for a local charity promotes camaraderie and a sense of belonging. Wearing colorful, matching t-shirts for your building-wide volunteer day makes for great advertising for your complex.

Stay Active

Attend some of your own events. Speak to your tenants and give them the opportunity to suggest ideas or ways to improve their living community. The more connected the residents feel, the greater their collective contribution.

As always, a strong community promotes satisfied clients and keeps retention rates high. Building a strong community makes your property more attractive.

Go Digital

Personal relationships are essential to building community. Digital technology like Rentigo can help you go beyond social media to cultivate better relationships with your tenants. Such solutions can simplify communications to keep tenants informed and engaged, while collecting insights to further personalize your interactions as their needs evolve Internal messaging capabilities make it possible to send information about community events or deliver direct emails while saving time and money. Ongoing data mining also makes it possible to keep track of tenants’ special preferences or personal milestones to further build engagement.

Creating a strong community takes time and effort, but the right combination of creativity, resourcefulness and technology can help you strike the right balance to see it pay off.


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