It’s time to talk to your tenants

As a busy property manager, the thought of scheduling regular time to simply talk to your tenants might seem like a waste of time, however improving your relationship with your tenant just might be the difference between a disgruntled renter and a happy one.


The difficulty here lies in the fact that most communication revolves around negative issues – leaky faucets, overdue rent, noise complaints, machine repairs etc. When surrounded by negativity, it’s hard to remember that there is a person on the other end of the line (or door) when you talk to your tenants.


One way to shift the balance and ensure communication is positive is by implementing an automated tool that will manage the negative interactions so you can focus on getting to know your tenants.

The Rentigo platform offers property managers and landlords a simple tool to control many of the issues that cause discontent among tenants. Whether sending automated reminders that the rent is due, detailing additional charges or just having a clear and constantly up to date system of maintenance requests, having one tool that collects, organizes and maintains all tenant communication can simplify your life and improve your relationship with your tenants.


Prior to the existence of automated systems, many property managers had a hard time maintaining their tenant information documents, keeping tabs on what apartments need repairs and remembering who paid their rent in full and what apartments are vacant etc. Beyond breeding frustration, antiquated systems were often difficult to manage and unclear to tenants which only worsened the relationship.


The integration of a comprehensive property management solution that can digitize rent collection while helping you organize tasks, automate paperwork and instantly provide you with an overview of everything that is going on in your units can transform your business and give you the free time you need.


The benefit of modern technology means that automating your systems is simple – you just have to want to make a change and Rentigo can help make it happen.


Whether you oversee five apartments or a condo with hundreds of units, the Rentigo property management solution can help you transform your business so you can get back to getting to know your tenants.


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