Optimizing Rental Showings – Showing Rental Properties Tenants Will Love

When you have an upcoming or current vacancy on your hands, the pressure is on to fill it with a tenant as soon as possible. So how do you go about showing rental properties tenants will fall in love with? You’ve done all the work to generate interest, but what about the apartment showing? Which approaches are most effective and efficient in showing your property and locking down a rental agreement? While different approaches each have their advantages, there are a few things that always reap results when showing rental properties:

Dress to Impress

A visitors’ first impression of a viewing is the most important factor in a successful showing of property. When you’re showing rental properties, the biggest advice is to dress to impress – this means both you and the apartment. You as landlord should make it a priority to arrive in a well-groomed, professional manner that shows the future-tenant that you are trustworthy and serious about your property. In regards to the apartment itself, it is absolutely imperative that the apartment is (very) clean to set the best impression possible. Make sure that the carpets are clean, that there is no dust, and that everything looks put together. Remember that you are allowing the visitor to imagine themselves as tenants – make the apartment look as approachable and comfortable as possible!

Open Houses

Open houses are a great way for landlords to generate interest from potential tenants without the problems of cancellations and no-shows which often arise with appointments. Whether the property has current tenants or is already vacant, the apartment should be shown in as clean a state as possible. Some tips for making an open house as effective as possible is creating a sign-in sheet for follow-up and take-home flyers to keep the property relevant in the minds of the visitors. It is highly recommended that, in setting up an open house, you state a specific time (i.e. 4 p.m.) instead of a closed time frame (ie. 4-6 p.m.). This not only creates a sense of urgency, but it avoids discouraging people that would show up at the later end of the window.

Individual Showings

While individual showing run the risk of cancellations or no-shows, they are essential for clients that want a personalized experience without the pressure of an open house. Individual apartment showings are a great way to make a client feel welcome in the property and build a rapport with them as potential tenants. When hosting an individual showing, make sure to try to read the visitor and sense what they are looking for, so that you can show a personalized view of their future home.

Online Tools

A good way to keep up with the times in apartment showings is to incorporate online tools. One of the easiest ways to do this is with pictures of the apartment to generate interest, but what about during the showing. Consider showing the apartment with pictures at hand of the space both furnished and not furnished, to show the to-be-tenant the many possibilities of the property. If possible, consider doing this in video to give a real-time experience. The video could come in handy to avoid wasted appointments as well – if you send a client a video before the actual showing, they can let you know at that moment if it is something they are interested in further exploring.

Psychology of the Deal

When it comes to showing properties, a good way to encourage a closing is by understanding the psychology of the deal. Make your potential tenant understand that the property is sought after by creating a sense of urgency. Mention other interests if there are any to let them know to act quick if they want the apartment. Just in case they are immediately interested, be prepared to close. Have with you any contracts or applications for the apartment and offer them a way to take action on the spot!



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