Hottest Real Estate Market Investments for 2017

Are you looking for an exciting new investment opportunity in the real estate market? Great news! The real estate market is booming and for the first time since 2007 investors have more and more options when looking for rental investments.

Zillow, a real estate data tracking company, concluded that the housing prices are rising but wages have remained stagnant, leaving many more opportunities for investors looking to sweep the market for steals.

Check out our top picks for investors in 2017

Detroit is back on the map!

After many years of struggling financially, the city of Detroit is back on track and is looking like a great investment opportunity for high yielding rent. According to BankRate, the median asking price of a three bedroom house is $4,900, while the media rent is around $850. With numbers like this, real estate market investors could expect upwards of 20% returned on their investment already within the first year!

South Florida

South Florida took one of the hardest hits in the 2007 recession, with housing prices dropping steeper than anywhere else. Today the market is once again looking up, slowly yet surely, with wage growth still slower than housing prices, the market is ripe for picking for investors looking to secure an investment in a sound area with the likelihood of increasing in the short-term future. With rental yields bringing in 9-11% return for the owners, it’s no wonder investors are going down to South Florida.

Houston, TX

Houston is on fast track to becoming one of the most sought after cities in America. The city is undergoing rapid expansion and the job market is booming as a result, bringing many new young professionals and families to the city. Coupled with the fact that it is one of the most affordable cities with a high quality of life, its no wonder investors are rushing to get a piece of the pie. Rental investments tend to yield around 11% per year for 3 bedroom family homes, making it a great deal for investors on the hunt.

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