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Prepare Your Apartment for Vacation With These 10 Tips

Going on vacation should be a fun and carefree experience. However, a stress-free vacation requires planning, a great deal of which begins before you even leave for your trip. Amidst all of the organizing and packing, it can be very easy to forget some of the most simple yet essential tasks, which can greatly streamline your transition back home after vacation.

Here are our 10 things to do to prepare your home before vacation:

1. Inform Your Landlord

Tell your landlord you are leaving for vacation through a written description. Include when you are leaving and coming back, your contact information, and any other relevant details. Doing so is important because there may be pre-vacation terms and procedures outlined in your lease, and knowing when your property will be vacant may be relevant for insurance purposes. It is also possible that your landlord is willing to check in on your property if you cannot find someone else to do so, which is very helpful for security purposes.

2. Pay Your Bills

There isn’t anything worse than coming back from a long vacation and realizing that you missed the payment deadline for your bills while you were away. Double check your deadlines and avoid late fees by either paying your bills before departure or setting up auto-payment. Luckily, Rentigo has a free auto-payment feature that will automatically submit a specified payment of choice on your date of choice every month.

3. Check Your Renters Insurance

Review your renters insurance terms and policies to better understand what is protected under your plan. Usually, as long as your home isn’t classified as vacant, renters insurance will cover certain property damages while you are away. Your plan may also cover personal property you take with you on vacation. It doesn’t hurt to check and better understanding your plan may even suppress some of your worries.

4. Arrange for Your Mail to be Picked Up

Even though you are away from home, it is ideal to make your property appear occupied to discourage possible break-ins and burglaries. Consider asking a trusted friend or family member to gather your mail everyday. If this option is unavailable, you can always call the post office and have them place your mail on hold for the duration of your trip to keep it from piling up. This also goes for local newspaper delivery services.

5. Secure Your Property

In case of a break-in, hide your valuables or consider investing in a safe to secure them. You may also find it necessary to install a security surveillance system. You can even apply a security company sticker or sign outside your property that notifies your community that your property is monitored and protected 24/7 (even if it isn’t). These stickers can be purchased on Ebay at a very low price. Even if you do not actually have a security system, potential burglars will be under the impression that you do and will be discouraged from entering. Before you leave, double check to make sure all windows and doors are securely locked.

6. Unplug Electronics

Unplugging your electronics is an easy way to conserve energy and money. Even more important, it is also a safety precaution and may prevent an electrical fire.

7. Adjust the Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat up a few degrees in the summer and down a few degrees in the winter so that you are not wasting electricity and money to heat/cool an empty apartment. Be aware that your home may need some time to return to your desired temperature when you return.

8. Set Timers for Your Lights

On the topic of saving electricity and money, turn off your lights before you leave. It is a good idea, however, to set timers for lights in various rooms. Doing so will make your property appear occupied, as the lights automatically turn on and off at hours of your choosing. Even better, if you have smart lights, you can customize the timers so that the lights turn on and off at different times everyday. 

9. Prepare Your Car

If you are leaving your car parked at the apartment, the most important thing is to take out all valuables. Roll up all of the windows and make sure that it is securely locked. Talk to your landlord– they may have a special location for you to park your vehicle when you are away.

10. Clean

Clean, clean, clean! There is no better feeling than returning to a clean home. Take out the trash, empty your fridge of perishable foods, do laundry, and tidy up. Before leaving, pour some baking soda in the toilet and down sink drains to avoid returning to the stink of stagnant water.


Now that you have completed this checklist, kick back and enjoy your vacation!



Written by: Katherine Lee
Rentigo Intern

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