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How to Take Rental Listing Photos to Wow Potential Tenants

In the digital age, quality photos of your rental listings may be just what you need to pique the interest of potential tenants and fill your vacant properties. Listings with photos have been found to get 94% more views than listings without them, and renters spend 60% of their time looking at the photos associated with a listing. It goes without saying that photos are incredibly important for making a good first impression to prospective tenants. Luckily, all you need are your cell phone camera and a few tips and tricks to bring out the best in your property!


Good lighting is integral to making your space look more open. Take advantage of as much natural lighting as you can – open blinds or curtains, uncover windows, even open the door! If possible, take your photos at dawn or dusk – known as the “Golden Hour” – when the sun’s golden rays cast a soft, ambient glow onto your photos for a warm, inviting shot.


Tidy up your unit before the photoshoot. Make sure there are no awkward objects lying around – cleaning supplies, refrigerator art, tissue boxes, toys – that might distract from the room’s features. Make the bed, clear away wires and cords, make sure you are not captured in any mirror shots, and please – close the toilet lid!

If You Have Tenants Currently Living in the Unit…

Be sure to ask ahead of time if you can come in and take pictures. Give at least 24 hours advance notice so that they have plenty of time to straighten up before you arrive. Consider offering them an incentive, such as a gift card or rent credit, in exchange for the opportunity to photograph a clean, furnished unit. Another option is to hire a cleaning service – a win-win, since tenants will love the free cleaning, and you will have a photo-ready unit to shoot.

If Your Unit is Empty…

To avoid making an empty unit look unhomely and bleak, play up the innately beautiful features of your unit, such as large windows, modern appliances, or hardwood floors. Put some effort into staging your unit too: add pillows to the couch, put some flowers in a vase, and place some fruit on the kitchen counter. These small, quick details will add appeal to an empty unit and make it seem more comfortable and liveable. 


Be aware of the angles that you are photographing from. Usually, the corner of the room is the widest vantage point; however, do not try to capture everything in one photo. Keep each photo’s focus on the key features of the room to avoid cluttering the image. At most, include two walls and a bit of ceiling and floor in each image. More than that creates a closed-in effect. 

Take lots of photos! Make sure you photograph every room. You are giving potential tenants a virtual tour, so you want to make sure they see as much as possible. Take pictures from different angles and with different furniture arrangements if possible so that you have plenty of options when deciding the most appealing way to visually represent your unit online.

Don’t forget to photograph outdoor spaces as well! Oftentimes, this means taking pictures of the front of the building. If you have a rooftop deck, courtyard, or parking spaces, capture those as well – just remember to clear them of clutter and personal belongings (including your car!) before you take your photos. 


Happy renting!


Written by: Rachel Chen
Rentigo Intern

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