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How to Respectfully Host a Party

You have a party coming up and you cannot wait to celebrate. The last thing you want is for your event to be shut down by your landlord or, even worse, the police. Here is our guide on how to respectfully host an apartment party without annoying your neighbors:

  1. Give your neighbors a heads-up

It’s respectful and essential that you let your neighbors know ahead of time that you’re planning to host an event. Either knock on their door or just leave them a note. Depending on the occasion, it may also be helpful to inform them about what you’re celebrating. If you’re celebrating an engagement, for example, usually neighbors will be more lenient if noise levels do get a bit out of control. Additionally, let your neighbors know the approximate start and end hours so that they have an expected timeline.

  1. Start early (and end early)

Noise complaints are most likely to be filed during “quiet hours”, generally after 10PM when residents start heading to bed. Therefore, start your event early so that you can also end it early. Set an end time, inform your guests, and stick to it. If you want, you can even relocate the party at night as to not disturb the neighbors.

  1. Control the guest list

Be selective with who you invite to your gathering. As host, you are in charge of all guests, and when you invite too many, you may find yourself with too many people to handle. Furthermore, when guests are being disruptive, it is up to you to ask them to leave. If you are in this situation, you should have them leave because as host, you will suffer the repercussions if your guest gets into any trouble. If you live in an apartment with a doorman, let them know that you are planning on having guests. This way, they can efficiently send them up without having to call you every time a new guest arrives.

  1. Limit the noise

Be respectful of your neighbors and limit the noise of your party. Keep your music at a reasonable volume and consider turning the bass lower so that your neighbor’s walls aren’t shaking with the beat. Control the volume of your guests as well. Remind them to be mindful and try to avoid unnecessary shouting or cheering, especially into the night.

  1. Be cautious with alcohol

Alcohol and parties can be a dangerous combination. If you plan on serving any kind of alcohol, consider limiting it to wine at a dinner party. When people drink too much, the situation can get out of hand, and you don’t want to be left dealing with wild, uncontrollable behavior and intoxicated guests throwing up in the bathrooms and hallways.

Planning a party should be really exciting. When you’re invested in the occasion, don’t forget the details that we mentioned above. Ultimately, put yourself in your neighbors’ shoes and think about how you would feel in their situation. Remember to be respectful, remind your guests to be respectful, and when all details are confirmed, have some fun!


Written by Katherine Lee
Rentigo Intern

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