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All it takes to improve the way you manage your properties, collect rent online and take care of maintenance requests is join Rentigo! When you sign up, we’ ask for some basic information to help us help you. This information let you use Rentigo to generate reports, predict future cash flow and get an accurate and comprehensive overview of your units at any given point in time.

One System for All Your Needs

Rrentigo’s unique system your simplifies property management by organizing all your tasks in n intuitive user-friendly dashboard. With Rentigo, you can improve the way you manage your properties by easily accessing everything you need – from tenants’ documents to reports to reminders about upcoming deadlines – in one place.

Using Rentigo is easy from your desktop, tablet or smartphone!
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When you sign up, our friendly wizard will help you walk you through the steps of adding your properties to Rentigo, associating tenants with your properties and activating your payment in a few simple steps!

  1. Open your free account.
  2. Add properties and tenants
  3. Activate payments

Open your Free Account

When you open your free account, be sure to have your mobile phone nearby for SMS verification.

Once you’ve been verified, the Rentigo wizard willhelp you add properties and tenants so you can get up and running in no time.

Add Properties and Tenants:

After creating your free account, our wizard will guide you through the steps to help you start managing your properties with Rentigo.

This is where you’ ll be asked to add individual tenant and unit details about rental payments, late fees and more so you can use Rentigo to track rental cycles, cash flow and upcoming deadlines.

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