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Guide to Dealing with Tenant Conflicts

As a property manager your goal is to maintain a peaceful environment where your tenants can all get along with each other. However, this isn’t always a realistic goal. Humans’ don’t always get along with each other and conflict will arise at some point. So what do you do when two tenants are feuding? Fear no more because we have come up with a guide to help you deal with tenant conflicts. 

Heres a guide to deal with Tenant Conflicts


1. Preventing the conflict before it even starts 

Before a conflict can even arise, you as a property manager can set boundaries from the very beginning. In the lease, include rules and regulations that tenants must follow. For example, keep noise levels down after a certain time to avoid complaints from other tenants. 

2. Listen to the complaint

If a tenant happens to make a complaint do not ignore it. Listen to what they need and let them know you will create a solution. An already upset tenant just wants to know that you will help them out and if they don’t feel like you care enough they will become more upset. Upset tenants is the last thing you need. 

3. Contact the offending party to let them know what is happening 

Let the other tenant know about the complaint and try to get the other tenants side of the problem too. Avoid taking sides and instead stay neutral throughout the conflict. Hear the offending party out and let them explain.

4. Schedule a meeting to resolve the problem in a peaceful manner.

Gather both parties in a peaceful environment with no one else around but them. Set rules like no cussing and no fighting. The goal is to handle the situation in a very peaceful and respectful manner. Allow them to provide solutions to each other and let them discuss until they reach an agreement. Try not to get involved as much the key here is to guide them to a solution, not to create the solution. Also take notes of what goes on during the meeting as they can come in handy. 

5. Follow up with the tenants 

Contact both tenants a couple days after the meeting to see how they are doing and if everything is completely settled between them. You want to be kept informed of everything that goes on. 


Written by: Yidiany Gonzalez

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