I left my Rentigo profile open on my PC while I went out and when I returned I was logged off.

The total amount of rent I received this month is $(X), but the summary is displaying a figure of $(Y). Why is this?

How does Rentigo make its money?

Can my tenants make payments when it’s convenient for them, or do they have they have to set up automatic payments?

Does this manage weekly rentals?

Is it possible to have two bank accounts linked? One for each rental property?

If my tenants have any technical issues, who should they contact?

Who do I contact if I have any questions about Rentigo?

Can my tenants send me maintenance requests through Rentigo?

How do I know if my tenants paid their rent?

Can I charge a late fee for late rent payments?

Who notifies my tenants when it’s time to pay rent?

Can Rentigo help me upload my properties and tenants if I have too many?

How do I add my tenants to Rentigo?

How do I add my properties to Rentigo?

Do I need to be a corporation to use Rentigo?

Who pays the fees?

How much does Rentigo cost?

Is Rentigo secure? I’m afraid to enter in my bank details.

How do I activate my account?

How do I know if Rentigo is right for me?

Is there a set-up fee?

How do I sign up?

Why should I use Rentigo?