Fall is Here… Prepare Your Property for Winter

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, make sure your property is ready to face the coming weather! As last year’s record breaking cold caused significant damage to apartment complexes and multi-family units, it is important to stay current with the latest tips and strategies to keep your property operating smoothly and your excess costs to a minimum.

Here are a few tips from the pros on the best ways to prepare your property for the impending weather:

Safety First

Whether frozen sidewalks or overhanging limbs, the safety of your tenants should be the most important item on your checklist. Inspect your parking lots and sidewalks for any significant cracks or craters that may pose a risk when covered with snow. If you have stairs leading up to your complex, keep this area well-lit and clear of any leaves and branches that may obstruct the pathway. Also, be on the look-out for potential overhanging limbs and branches after a snowstorm. Spotting this early in the season will save you trouble in the future.

In the event of a coming snow or ice storm, prepare a “go-to” path for your tenants to exit their units and begin their commute by weatherizing the sidewalks and parking lot with salt to prevent any excess ice that may form overnight. Furthermore, utilize Rentigo’s internal messaging capabilities to send a message to all your residents to warn them of the potential ice patches and slippery sidewalks as they leave.

External Preparation

Maintaining your property in the wintertime is essential in keeping the value of your property from dipping due, to the excess wear-and-tear the weather may cause. While costly, it is important to schedule routine inspections on the various system of your property. Roof and gutter maintenance are often overlooked but are two of the most important systems to prepare your property for the upcoming season. These repairs after-the-fact are often more costly due to damage from ice and snow.

Furthermore, it is important to keep a checklist of the essential winterizing steps that all homeowners and property managers alike do to prepare for the cold. Make sure all exposed outdoor faucets, drains, and pipes are covered or insulated to prevent and freezing or rupturing. Inspect all windows are properly closing with no excess drafts — this causes significant increases in heating costs! Determine all outdoor HVAC utilities are free of leaves and/or overgrowth that would prevent it working properly and efficiently.

Internal Preparation

Even the smallest opening in a window or door can lead to drafts. This upcoming winter season, be sure to also schedule routine inspections inside of your units to ensure all windows, doors, detectors, and HVAC systems are functioning properly.

If your tenants run into any complications along the way, be sure they snap a picture of their maintenance issue and send it directly through the Rentigo mobile tenant app. This will ensure that the problem is dealt with in a timely and cost efficient manner!

Communicate With Your Tenants

Be sure to relay all the necessary preparation procedures with your tenants. Communication is key to spotting and resolving any issues beforewinter comes. With renter’s insurance powered by Lemonade, your residents will be ready to face any unexpected event that arises. Simply log in to the Rentigo mobile app to receive a quote in minutes and become insured today! Communicating with your tenants is key to keeping them safe, warm, and insured this upcoming season!

Stay connected with your tenants via Rentigo! Whether sending out a message informing your tenants of the impending snow storm or responding to a specific maintenance request for a drafty window, tackle all of your property management needs with Rentigo!

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