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DIY Tenant Welcome Basket

Moving can be a very stressful experience for tenants. Luckily, you have the ability to help smooth the transition. Delivering a simple welcome basket is a thoughtful gift that will start your tenant-landlord relationship on a strong note. Here are some ideas for what to include in your DIY welcome basket. You can purchase most of these items at the dollar store.


Small snacks and drinks

Slide in some bottles of water and small bags of chips, nuts, or dried fruit. After an exhausting day of moving, your tenants will be so grateful for a refreshing bottle of cold water and something light to munch on. 

Reusable water bottle or mug

Include a personalized reusable water bottle or mug with your brand on it. Not only will this be useful for your tenants, it is also free advertising!


Especially in the first few days of getting situated, having spare essential bathroom and kitchen supplies can be a lifesaver. Consider including some of the following: bar soap, tissue boxes, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, trash bags, shower curtain, dish-wash, and other cleaning supplies.

Candle or room freshener

Who doesn’t love a nice smelling apartment? Pick up a small candle or plug-in room freshener from the dollar store for your new tenants.

Baked goods

If you have time, sneak in some baked goods or purchase some from a local bakery. A few cookies, lemon bars, or muffins can go a long way, and will definitely feel a lot more personalized.

Gift card

Include a $10 or $15 gift card to a local restaurant or cafe. Especially if your tenants are tired from moving, cooking will be the last thing on their mind, and they will be so thankful that you saved them the hassle of one meal.


A small notepad can be very helpful for your tenants to make to-do or shopping lists. It would be even better if the pages had your brand printed on them.


Most importantly, include a letter and some information for your tenants. Personalize the gift by including a hand-written letter with a friendly note and your contact information to welcome them to the property and feel part of the community. Add in some flyers about the building amenities and services, as well as essential information about utilities, maintenance requests, and garbage/recycling. If your tenant is new to the area, consider including a local map of the city or list of nearby restaurants and convenience stores.

Rentigo Flyer

Most tenants prefer to pay their rent online. With Rentigo, you can now innovate your real estate rentals when you set up your online rental collections. Including an informational flyer from Rentigo in your welcome basket is essential to reassure your tenant that setting up their online account is as easy as 1-2-3!  Check out our 5 Essential Reasons to Set Up Online Rent Payments for Your Tenants.


New tenants will only have this move-in experience once, and this is your opportunity to not only inform them on all property logistics to ensure a smooth transition, but to really personalize the welcome and start your relationship on a positive note. 


Written by Katherine Lee
Rentigo Intern

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