How to Create an Eco-friendly Property for Tenants

Living in a green and eco-friendly space is an important factor for millennials looking to rent or buy a home. The new generation of renters is more environmentally conscious than ever. As a property owner, you should take action to not only appeal to millennial renters but to ensure your property is positively affecting the environment. Here are a few ways that you can create an eco-friendly property for tenants:

Solar Panels:

Install solar panels on your roof or in your yard to power your home. By taking this step, you can reduce the greenhouse emissions from your home and save yourself power costs in the long run. If your solar panels create more power than your home uses, you can send it to the power grid.

Locally Sourced Materials:

When building or renovating your property, try to use resources from your local environment. Using wood panels from a local factory is better for the environment than purchasing ones transported over a long distance. Little decisions like these can go a long way when it comes to gas emissions.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs:

Many people still use old incandescent bulbs to light their homes. Light bulbs like these are not efficient and produce more heat than light. Furthermore, many incandescent light bulbs are not recyclable. Consider changing to LED light bulbs that last longer and use minimal power. Most LED light bulbs are recyclable.

Green Urban Spaces:

If you own or manage an urban property, consider creating a green space for your tenants. Install a vertical plant wall in the entryway or a garden on the rooftop. Not only will these produce oxygen but they will put a smile on your tenants’ faces too.

Water Preserving:

Water preserving is an effective yet simple way to create an eco-friendly property for tenants. Consider investing in eco-friendly showerheads and faucets that can lessen the amount of water used in the household. This can reduce your tenant’s water bill and positively impact the environment. If possible, consider investing in motion sensor faucets that can eliminate wasted water.



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