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Three Reasons to Digitize Your Property Management

Stop using three-ring binders to manage properties. In a digital world where we can host a video conference with someone a thousand miles away, it doesn’t make sense to track your property in printed spreadsheets. It’s time to go digital … Read More

Say Good-bye to Property Management Headaches

Property managers wear multiple hats in the course of their workday. They are constantly coordinating with on-site vendors, tenants, visitors, prospective tenants, and most importantly, the owners. With so many tasks to juggle, it’s not hard to imagine the endless … Read More

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Winterize your Property

We hate to be alarmists but you know as well as we do: winter is upon us! And based on the “big freeze” that started across the US earlier this month, we already know this one’s going to be tough. … Read More

Rentigo Gets an “A” for Online Property Management

You may have noticed a new icon at the bottom of our website showing that Rentigo recently received a BBB Accreditation with an A rating. As a young, rapidly growing company, we are proud to have reached this important milestone. … Read More

Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent?

Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent? Yes we know. A year’s worth of rent is a lot of money.   But it’s almost Christmas. And we’ve been giving away a month’s free rent since we … Read More

7 Essential Steps to Preparing Your Apartment for New Tenants

From preparing an apartment for viewings to finding and screening potential applicants, looking for a new tenant can be a difficult process. However, it doesn’t need to be as stressful as it seems. Getting the right resident is as simple … Read More

Is There Place for Bitcoin in Real Estate?

Is There Place for Bitcoin in Real Estate?   Bitcoin: You have certainly heard this word floating around in the past couple of years, but do you truly understand what it is? This article will walk you through the basics … Read More

How to Write Effective Rental Listings

At any given moment, a rental property owner looking for a tenant is competing against dozens of other owners. You even have worse odds as this ratio multiplies exponentially if your place is in a real estate hotspot. So how … Read More

How to Conduct Non-discriminatory Tenant Screening

How to Conduct Non-discriminatory Tenant Screening As a property manager, it is important to conduct non-discriminatory tenant screening to uphold civil rights and prevent possible lawsuits from tenants. According to the Fair Housing Act, you cannot discriminate against race, color, … Read More

Tips For Allowing Pets On Your Property

As a property manager, allowing pets on your property can be an effective way to increase occupancy. Not only can you attract a larger tenant pool by making your property pet-friendly, but you can also satisfy current tenants that want … Read More