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Tips & Insights on Managing your Rental Properties

Tips For Allowing Pets On Your Property

As a property manager, allowing pets on your property can be an effective way to increase occupancy. Not only can you attract a larger tenant pool by making your property pet-friendly, but you can also satisfy current tenants that want … Read More

Buying Versus Renting – is it time to become a homeowner?

Buying versus renting an apartment can be a difficult question to answer. Especially with factors such as financing, repair, the state of the housing market and other significant elements playing into this decision, buying versus renting is not an easy … Read More

How to Manage Rental Properties Like a Pro

So you’re a new property manager? Here is a quick introduction to how to manage rental properties: 1. Know the Difference Between a Rental Agreement and Lease Agreement Rental agreements tend to be short-term, usually lasting 4 weeks and automatically … Read More

The Secret to Renting Property Quickly? Let Smell Seal the Deal!

There are many tricks to renting property quickly, but one of the easiest and most overlooked ones lies right under your nose! It’s a well known fact that scent can trigger a lot of emotions – so why not use that … Read More

Hottest Real Estate Market Investments for 2017

Are you looking for an exciting new investment opportunity in the real estate market? Great news! The real estate market is booming and for the first time since 2007 investors have more and more options when looking for rental investments. … Read More

Cough Up The Rent – Avoiding Late Rent Payments

When you’re a landlord, your tenants’ rent payments are part of your livelihood. At times, tenants having difficulty paying rent on time forget to consider the landlord perspective. Whatever the reason for the late rent payments, they can affect a … Read More

Optimizing Rental Showings – Showing Rental Properties Tenants Will Love

When you have an upcoming or current vacancy on your hands, the pressure is on to fill it with a tenant as soon as possible. So how do you go about showing rental properties tenants will fall in love with? … Read More

The Key to Ensuring Lease Compliance

As a landlord, it is important that your properties are well taken-care of and your tenants are respectful in regards to the upkeep and conditions of their lease. While security background checks are certainly required and necessary to help you … Read More

Avoiding Rental Vacancies Like the Plague

When it comes to property management, there is one truth that never fails: the less vacancies, the better! Vacancy is costly due to the lost rent, and so it is recommended to have a plan for avoiding rental vacancies or … Read More

Manage Properties Online – The Millennial Way

Millennials are going against the assumption that young professionals are not homeowners – the trends show that millennials are interested in being homeowners more than ever; the only difference is that they also want to remain renters. With Millennials becoming … Read More

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