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6 Expert Tips for Writing Property Ads as a Landlord

Looking to rent out your recently vacant apartment or home? Make your property stand out in the market by keeping these 6 tips in mind when writing your property ads!

1. A picture says a thousand words.

The pictures you present with your descriptive ad plays a key factor to determine if a renter or buyer initiates the next step to contact you and further escalate the sale or rent. This is why it is important that photographs should portray the very best features of your listing. Make sure to include pictures of all the rooms, amenities and any exclusive features included with the listing. For more insight on how to take the perfect rental listing pictures refer to : How to take Rental Listing photos to WOW potential tenants.

2. Use keywords in your property ad.

The wording in your property ad is essential when it comes to adding a description for your listing. Make sure to include specific and relevant details in your description that will intrigue your prospects. If the apartment is recently renovated, include specific examples of what is new and included. For example, your listing may include small but relevant details such as  “Brand new hardwood floors” or “Central AC and heating system included”. Highlight your listings best features with key words that will help make your tenants feel as if this listing could be their new possible home. By adding phrases that seem more inviting and comfortable such as “Cozy studio located in the heart of Manhattan” these small inclusions will set the tone for your property.

3. Be transparent with your prospects.

 Another key point to note is to be transparent with your prospects. Keep in mind that you wish to establish a professional and healthy relationship with your future tenants. After all, they will be the people living in your rental home. Do not exaggerate or ‘sugarcoat’ the details of the listing. If there is some wear and tear in the apartment or home make sure to bring it to their attention so that your future tenants are aware of what they are getting themselves into. Note that this doesn’t always have to portray your descriptive ad in a negative way. This is when wording comes into play. Landlords can create transparency by stating things like “One family home that needs some TLC” or “Gently used kitchen appliances included”. Often times allowing your tenants to know the raw truth of the home can be more beneficial in the transaction.

4. Highlight amenities that are included.

Many tenants are looking for apartments or houses that will benefit them in more than just providing a home.  Make sure to highlight and emphasize the features that make your home or apartment desirable to prospects.live in landlord. This is the when including building amenities that come with the rental such as; 24/7 concierge, security cameras, free parking on site, access to the pool, free storage space available is important to add to the description. Transportation is also an important key factor to highlight. Include any nearby public transportation that can facilitate your tenants lifestyle. If possible also include pictures of these amenities so that your prospects can get a sense of what benefits they may take out of this deal.

5. Consider your ad locations.

When listing your ads it’s crucial to be cautious of where you want to post your property ads online. Although you may be tempted to advertise your property on a variety of random online posts, such as craigslist and facebook, take into consideration that not all leads become sales and this might end up costing you to lose time focused on unqualified prospects. Be mindful that quality based websites such as Zillow or Trulia can help filter through leads by narrowing your options to qualified tenants by offering a questionnaire when tenants are interested in viewing the property. As a landlord you should do your research about any pricing or listing fees before deciding where to post your ads so that your are aware of your budget and spending. 

6. Know your ideal candidate.

This renter search is a two way stream. Tenants in the market to buy or lease are more than likely looking for a comfortable and cozy new home. As a landlord, you should also have an ideal candidate in mind. If you are certain about looking for people who meet a specific criteria, communicate this through your ad. For example, you may be looking for tenants who don’t smoke or have no pets. Being honest with yourself about the criteria that you are looking for can facilitate the process.  When leasing to a family, make sure the property is appropriate in terms of space and comfort. Also, be aware of any and all Federal and Anti-Discriminatory Laws like the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the American with Disabilities Act. 


As always, happy renting!



Written by Joseline Garcia
Rentigo Associate 


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